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May 23, 2007

Podcast #27 Show Notes

Links to sites mentioned on this week's podcast

Rockwell Multimedia

Giottos Tripods

Canonites Website

OnOne Software

Canon EOS 1D Mark III

My Canon EOS 1D Mark III Podcast

Here's the photo that I edited in Photoshop and used OnOne Software's PhotoFrame plugin.

Click image for larger versions.

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May 21, 2007

OK, Breaktime is over....

The last audio podcast I released was on May 9th ... I did not do one last week as I was catching up on other responsibilites.

So tomorrow I'll get back on track and release an episode, and I'll try to stay on track.

May 17, 2007

Video Podcasts not syncing to iPod

If you are subscribed via iTunes to the Allen Rockwell Digital Photography Podcast - Video Edition and you have an iPod you may have noticed that episode #3 and #4 would not sync to your iPod.

Thanks to my brother Thom, the video production geek from www.rockwellmultimedia.com for bringing this to my attention.

I had made a mistake in the formatting of the videos for episode 3 and 4 and I guess iTunes is smart enough to notice and refuse to send crap files to your iPod. I have since fixed this problem and uploaded the videos again.

The easiest way to fix this on your end is:

1. launch iTunes

2. Right click (or control click) on the "Allen Rockwell Digital Photography Podcast - Video Edition" title (not individual episodes) and select "Delete". Click on "Move Files To Trash"

3. Go here The new video podcast feed is at http://feeds.feedburner.com/videodigitalphotopodcast and click on the subscribe in iTunes button.

4. That's it, iTunes will get the updated episodes (all of them actaully) and you'll be all set to sync to your iPod.

May 15, 2007

Boinx releases PhotoMagico 2.1 Beta


What's new in FotoMagico 2.1b?

Peter has finally nailed down a couple of road blocks in the export process. FotoMagico 2.1 has a dramatically better export quality when using DV or H.264 exports while at the same time using much smaller file sizes.

FotoMagico 2.1 Pro will also let you adjust the color of an image conveniently and non-destructively. With this you can quickly make the color of images in a sequence better match each other.

Click here to get the beta

May 14, 2007

Video Podcast #4

In video podcast #4 I show you how to take an image that might be destined for the bit bin and save it using the Levels command and some sharpening. The entire procedure takes a few seconds and can save a crummy image and bring it back to life.

Click here to see the image that edited on the podcast.

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May 13, 2007

Video Podcasts Have A New Home

iTunes001.jpgYou have probably noticed that I've recently produced a few video podcasts. I think the video podcasts are very useful for tutoruals and product reviews where simply speaking about the item and showing still photos is just not enough.

I also realize that there are many of you that listen to my podcasts while in the car, at work or when at the gym, etc and you can't really watch the screen of your iPod while doing these activities.

So, I've created a seperate feed for the video podcasts that you can subscribe to (or not) and watch them when you are at your computer, while traveling (not driving), while soaking in the tub ... whatever.

The new video podcast feed is at http://feeds.feedburner.com/videodigitalphotopodcast

May 10, 2007

Podcast #26 (Video) Show Notes

QuickTime Player001.jpgToday for the first time ever I get in front of the camera ... kinda scary I know, but try not to look dirextly into the balding head :)

On today's video podcast I introduce you to my new Lowepro Vertex 200AW backpack.

For more info on this backpack Click Here

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May 07, 2007

Podcast #25 Show Notes

Rich's notes on my Sports Photography Show

Canon S5IS info here

Sandisk deal at J&R; Photo World
Sandisk rebate form

16GB Sandisk Extreme III CF for $159.99

16GBCFCard.jpegJ&R; Photo World is offering the Sandisk 16GB Extreme III Compact Flash card for $289.99 with a $130.00 Sandisk rebate making it only $159.99

Offer expires May 31st 2007

Here is the page on J&R;

Here is the rebate form

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May 04, 2007

Podcast #24 Show Notes

Here are a few links from this weeks show


Wallgreens Photo Service

Some of my sports photos on flickr

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