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Video Podcasts not syncing to iPod

If you are subscribed via iTunes to the Allen Rockwell Digital Photography Podcast - Video Edition and you have an iPod you may have noticed that episode #3 and #4 would not sync to your iPod.

Thanks to my brother Thom, the video production geek from www.rockwellmultimedia.com for bringing this to my attention.

I had made a mistake in the formatting of the videos for episode 3 and 4 and I guess iTunes is smart enough to notice and refuse to send crap files to your iPod. I have since fixed this problem and uploaded the videos again.

The easiest way to fix this on your end is:

1. launch iTunes

2. Right click (or control click) on the "Allen Rockwell Digital Photography Podcast - Video Edition" title (not individual episodes) and select "Delete". Click on "Move Files To Trash"

3. Go here The new video podcast feed is at http://feeds.feedburner.com/videodigitalphotopodcast and click on the subscribe in iTunes button.

4. That's it, iTunes will get the updated episodes (all of them actaully) and you'll be all set to sync to your iPod.