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June 30, 2007

New From Apple

This is not exactly 100% photography related ... but I think it's kinda cool.

While everyone was all excited about the iPhone launch Apple released a 160GB version of their Apple TV


Check it out Here

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June 19, 2007

Photos from the Paris Air Show

A few samples of my shots from Monday at the Paris Air Show.

The new Canon EOS 1D Mark III is working GREAT!!!!!

Sample images are HERE

June 14, 2007

Podcast #30 Show Notes

A few links to things I talked about on the show

Our flickr group

The Sensor Scope

SensorScope4.jpg SensorScope2.jpg

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June 13, 2007

I love flickr ... but they are really pissing some people off

flickr sperrt uns aus! Und auch dich!
Seit gestern werden für deutsche Nutzer keine Bilder mehr angezeigt, die als 'moderate' oder 'restricted' markiert sind! Es gibt keine Moeglichkeit das umzustellen - das ist eine grobe Unverschämtheit und Frechheit von flickr!

We are the users - don't forget that flickr!

Deswegen treten wir gemeinsam in Aktion und zeigen allen, das uns das nicht gefällt was flickr mit uns macht! Füge das Bild zu deinen Favoriten hinzu und poste es!

In English:
If your Yahoo! ID is based in Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong or Korea, you will only be able to view safe content based on your local Terms of Service, and therefore won’t be able to turn off SafeSearch.
In other words, german users can't access photos on flickr that are not flaged "safe" ... only flowers and landscapes for the germans ...
We won't let this happen! Copy and upload this picture to your account - show flickr who we are.

No sé cuando, pero muy recientemente a las cuentas de Alemania, Hong Kong, Corea y Singapur les han prohibido ver las fotos que están en el Safe Search, las mismas en las que a nosotros nos dan la opcíón de ver o no ver. A ellos simplemente se lo prohiben. Chale no?

Si votre compte Yahoo! est basé à Singapour, à Hong Kong, en Corée ou en Allemagne, vous ne pourrez voir que les photos qui n'ont pas été marquées comme ayant un contenu qui peut choquer. Toutes les autres ne vous seront pas accessibles. Vous serez donc condamnés à ne voir que des paysages et des fleurs. Il ne faut pas laisser faire ça. Envoyez cette photo sur votre compte pour montrer à Flickr que nous savons nous mobiliser contre la censure !

Spread the image!

Lade dieses Bild runter und poste es in deinem Account! Lass uns das Bild überall auf flickr verteilen und es in 'Interestingness' heben!! So geht es nicht!
Original Version: farm2.static.flickr.com/1299/543864623_7aadef1e69_o.jpg
Link to the original Thread here: flickr.com/photos/atomtigerzoo/543864623/

Weitere Infos:
- www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/91085
- www.flickr.com/groups/404938@N23/discuss/72157600347681500/
- www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/42597/

Wer einen Blog besitzt oder Kontakte zu den Medien hat: Weiterleiten!

Das Bild und der Text kann einfach kopiert werden, genutzt, veraendert - macht damit was ihr wollt - hauptsache es traegt zur Sache bei, das diese Unsinnigkeit aufhoert! :) Das Bild ist von atomtigerzoo für alle! :) Yay!

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June 11, 2007

Great News

I just got great news.

My dealer called me to tell me that he just got off the phone with his sales rep at Canon ... she told him that my 1D Mark III has shipped to him.

Now it's just a race to see if the camera hits his store before I leave on vacation Friday morning.

June 10, 2007

Podcast #29 Show Notes - Saturday Night Special

cohost125.jpgI'm thinking it's time for a co-host on my podcast. I think it would make the shows more interesting to everyone and a bit easier for me.

That's where you people come in ... there must be one of you out there that would like to be a podcast co-host.

I would prefer someone in the southern California area so that we could do the show together from a common location ... however, the show can be done over the phone so being local is not a requirement.

You do not need to be a pro photographer, as a matter of fact you could be a total novice ... You just need to be talkative, have a bit of a personality and be willing to work for free like me.

If you have something to plug or promote, the podcast could be a good vehicle for you to do that ... you might get some free software or hardware goodies to review from time to time, but that's about the extent of the compensation package for a podcast co-host.

If you are interested in being my co-host please send me an email with some information about yourself like name, location, level of photography experience, what sort of photography equipment you have ... are you a mac or a PC and anything else I should know about you ... please dont bother with anything as formal as a resume ... just a simple email. If you have the ability to record your voice please send me a little audio clip of yourself talking about something photography related so I can see how you sound.

Send all this to [email protected]

To listen to podcast number 29 Click Here

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June 06, 2007

Podcast #28 Show Notes

Here are a few URLs mentioned on the podcast

A&M; Model Makers


Flickr Group

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