August 16, 2007

Mark III's on Amazon

Amazon is claiming to have Mark III's in stock .... if you don't mind paying an extra $1000


July 31, 2007

EOS 1D Mark III Firmware Update Report

I did the upgrade.

I must say I am a little pissed .... somehow it seems I dodged a bullet up till today. With 1.0.8 I was not having the widely reported auto focus problems, now that I have 1.1.0 it seems I'm finally in the same boat as everyone else.

I took two series of test shots, one series with Automatic AF Point selected and one with Manual (center) AF Point selected.

In the Auto AF Point mode 28% of my shots went into the bit bin.
In the Manual AF Point mode 25% were garbage.

Before the firmware upgrade I would estimate I was throwing out between 1-3% at the most due to focus issues ...

I was throwing out many more for other (operator related) issues :)

I'm not sure I can recommend this firmware update. I did not fix anything for me and it seems to have made focusing performance worse.

There is certainly something to the old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". My camera was not broke but I fixed it anyways :(

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Firmware Update

Roger Longenbach emailed me this morning that the 1.1.0 firmaware update is available.

Here's Roger's email

You’ll need your serial # to download.

Download file. Extract file. Verify the file size as stated on the webpage.

Find a clean CF or SD card, format it in the camera.

Copy firmware to CF/SD. Turn on the camera, go to the firmware # on the menu. Press the set button and it’ll ask if you want to update the firmware. The camera will reboot, and then you’ll be asked to update from 1.0.8 (or 9 if you have it) to 1.1.0 and confirm again. Then it’ll start updating – warning do not turn off or touch any buttons! Is the warning. The update takes a few mins. The screen will show you how it’s doing. Then it’ll let you know it’s complete and when you click OK it’ll reboot again. Firmware updated.


June 11, 2007

Great News

I just got great news.

My dealer called me to tell me that he just got off the phone with his sales rep at Canon ... she told him that my camera has shipped to him.

Now it's just a race to see if the camera hits his store before I leave on vacation Friday morning. I'll be so pissed if I get the call Friday while at the airport.

June 06, 2007

A battery for my imaginary camera

I got my spare battery today from B&H; .... now if I could just get my damn camera! Come on Canon ... I'm trying to promote your new camera and I don't have one!

June 02, 2007

Good price on Mark III Battery

B&H; Photo have a pretty good price on the LP-E4 battery for the EOS 1D Mark III. They are currently selling for $129.95 and in stock right now.

Amazon was advertising $170.00 for the same battery.

Click here to go to B&H;

May 23, 2007

More shipping rumors...

Canon EOS-1D Mark III to ship today in the USA

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith

Canon will begin distribution of the EOS-1D Mark III today in the U.S., with the first bodies expected to land on dealer loading docks as early as tomorrow in some U.S. locations, says Chuck Westfall, Director of Media and Customer Relationship at Canon USA. Shipments of the camera are expected to be steady from here on in, says Westfall, though a significant number of pre-orders means it will take some time before supply catches up to demand in the U.S. market.

May 21, 2007

Availability Update

"Canon U.S.A. is still on target to begin shipments of the EOS-1D Mark III to its authorized dealers by the end of May. This is the same information we supplied to dealers on April 16th, and there have been no changes in our plans since then. "By the end of May" is as close as I can say for now. Shipments may begin sooner than that (they have not begun yet in the U.S.A.), but they most likely won't begin any later than that. Again, this is U.S.A. information only. Shipment schedules in other markets may differ.

As I am sure you can imagine, demand for this camera is going to exceed available inventories for an unknown period of time. As a result, the camera will initially be "on allocation" to authorized U.S.A. dealers. It's difficult to say when a specific dealer will receive merchandise, or how many cameras will be shipped on a per-dealer basis. The basic idea is to spread the distribution as fairly as possible according to the orders we've received. We expect to receive shipments from the factory in Japan regularly, and shipments to dealers will be scheduled accordingly.

Please understand that as a member of our Marketing team, I have no way of checking the allocations or shipping schedules for individual dealers. That's a Sales issue, so my best suggestion is to keep checking with your dealer for updated information.

Best Regards,
Chuck Westfall
Director/Media & Customer Relationship
Camera Marketing Group/Canon U.S.A., Inc."

I'm not sure how confident I am that I'll have mine by the time I go on vacation in mid-June .... but I keep hoping it arrives before then.

May 15, 2007

May 21st Delivery?

The following comes from

In Germany, I'm told Canon are sending dealers an email which roughly translates as saying that worldwide distribution is starting on the 21st May, and that this is the 'official' date worldwide.

* "Die Auslieferung erfolgt ab dem 21.5.2007.
Dieser Termin ist weltweit harmonisiert, daher kann eine frühere Auslieferung nicht erfolgen. Ich bitte dies zubeachten. Alle Grüchte, es würden bereits Kameras bei diesem oder jemand den man kennt vorhanden sein, sollten damit vom Tisch sein. Bitte lassen Sie Sich hier nicht von Ihren Kunden auf die Palme bringen. "

Translated (thanks Oliver!)

* " Delivery will begin on the 21.5.2007
This date is synchronized across the world, hence an earlier delivery will not be possible. I ask you to respect this. All rumours should be ignored, as there have been many reports that certain people already have received a delivery. Please don’t be fooled or pressured by your clients."

April 24, 2007


(Based on's estimated release date) estimates a shipping date of "June 20 2007"
B&H; estimates "May" estimates "June"

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April 04, 2007

B&H; Announce price for EOS 1D Mark III

Well, I was hearing the list price would be $4000 and the street price might be a little less.

... that does not seem to be the case :(


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February 28, 2007

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Video Clips

Thanks to Imaging Resource for posting these to YouTube.

Comparing the speed of the Mark III vs the Mark II N:

Live View feature:

Mark III Accesories:

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February 24, 2007

Canon EOS 1D Mark III Announced

I've been dreaming of a new camera that has a few more megapixels than my 30D and the capability to capture more frames per second. It looks like Canon heard my prayers and is soon to release the Canon EOS-1D Mark III. The Mark III is a 10.1MP camera that takes 10 frames per second with an AMAZING burst rate of 110 shots in JPG mode and 30 shots in RAW mode. This seems like the perfect sports camera. I can't wait to get my hands on this camera ... I'm not sure where I'll find the $4000, but I'm saving my pennies starting at this moment!!!!
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