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EOS 1D Mark III Firmware Update Report

I did the upgrade.

I must say I am a little pissed .... somehow it seems I dodged a bullet up till today. With 1.0.8 I was not having the widely reported auto focus problems, now that I have 1.1.0 it seems I'm finally in the same boat as everyone else.

I took two series of test shots, one series with Automatic AF Point selected and one with Manual (center) AF Point selected.

In the Auto AF Point mode 28% of my shots went into the bit bin.
In the Manual AF Point mode 25% were garbage.

Before the firmware upgrade I would estimate I was throwing out between 1-3% at the most due to focus issues ...

I was throwing out many more for other (operator related) issues :)

I'm not sure I can recommend this firmware update. I did not fix anything for me and it seems to have made focusing performance worse.

There is certainly something to the old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". My camera was not broke but I fixed it anyways :(

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