March 19, 2008

Today at March AFB

Today at March AFB, originally uploaded by Allen Rockwell.

A lucky day today. I just made a random stop at March to take some pictures and witnessed a bit of history as an F-16 departed for it's last flight to it's place of retirement.

As discussed on podcast #53 (to be released tonight)

The Golden Light Of Evening

The Golden Light Of Evening, originally uploaded by Allen Rockwell.

As discussed in podcast #53 (to be released tonight)

Time Marches On

Time Marches On, originally uploaded by Allen Rockwell.

As discussed in podcast #53 (to be released tonight)

March 08, 2008

Just Kickin' It on Saturday night

I took this shot just to force myself to approach these guys and ask if I could take their picture. It's amazing how hard it is to approach people and ask that question. I'll keep practicing till it becomes more natural.

The River - HDR

The River - HDR, originally uploaded by Allen Rockwell.

Created from 5 RAW images taken at +/- 2EV and tone mapped in Photomatix Pro.

The River - HDR

The River - HDR, originally uploaded by Allen Rockwell.

Went out and did some night shooting tonight. This one is an HDR created from 5 RAW files shot at +/- 2EV.

February 27, 2008

Knife vs Water Balloon - The Setup

Simple one light setup. With the bathtub being white I was sure the the light would be bounced from every angle so I figured one light would be enough.

I used a remote trigger and just pressed the shutter button and moved in with the knife. At 10 frames per second I was fairly confident that I'd catch the magic moment.

June 19, 2007

Photos from the Paris Air Show

A few samples of my shots from Monday at the Paris Air Show.

The new Canon EOS 1D Mark III is working GREAT!!!!!

Sample images are HERE

April 29, 2007

Portrait Shoot

On podcast #22 I talked about tips and suggestions of sucessful portrait shoots.

I am at my studio right now waiting for a model show up for a portrait shoot. I'll report back how many of my own suggestions I actually used, if they worked and what other suggestions I thought of while shooting. I'll also report on what didn't work for me.

Stay tuned.

April 14, 2007

Shooting The Model Jet Meet

Today I shot a model jet meet at my R/C club's filed. Photos are Here. In addition to the great model jets that were at the show we had a full scale P-51 mustang buzz the field during the mid-day break.

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March 05, 2007

Podcast #16 Show Notes

Links to sites mentioned in the podcast:


Canon EOS 1D Mark III at

Canon EOS 1D Mark III at


PMA Show

Canon EOS 1D Mark III on my blog

November 15, 2006

Old Houses In Monrovia

pinkhouse.jpgToday I was in Van Nuys on business ... on my way home I stopped in Monrovia, the town I used to live in before I moved out to the desert. Monrovia has some very beautiful old homes in very nice condition .... if I won the lottery I could afford one :)

Anyways, after stopping at my old hangout, Starbucks, and seeing my old pal Chris I drive around a bit and took some pictures of old houses.

These photos are all taken on a tripod and created from 3 exposures each, one properly exposed, one under exposed and one over exposed. This process, known as HDR or High Dynamic Range photography creates images with a range of colors far greater than a digital camera can achieve in one exposure and the dynamic range of the finished image more closely resembles the dynamic range of the human eye.

You can check out the photos from today at my flickr site

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October 22, 2006

ISA World Surfing Games

For the last week I’ve been making trips down to Huntington Beach to shoot pictures of the ISA World Surfing Games. Yesterday was last day attending the games, although today is actually the final day of the competition.

Over the week I shot about 18GB of RAW photos so I’ll be processing them for quite a while.

I’ve started posting some of the shots from the games at my flickr page

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October 01, 2006

Big Morongo Nature Preserve

I went down the street to the nature preserve today and shot some pretty nice photos.

The nature preserve is a pretty amazing place considering that it’s located in the desert. I guess you could say something of an oasis, and it’s only a few hundred yards from my house.

Click here to see the photos from today on flickr