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Old Houses In Monrovia

pinkhouse.jpgToday I was in Van Nuys on business ... on my way home I stopped in Monrovia, the town I used to live in before I moved out to the desert. Monrovia has some very beautiful old homes in very nice condition .... if I won the lottery I could afford one :)

Anyways, after stopping at my old hangout, Starbucks, and seeing my old pal Chris I drive around a bit and took some pictures of old houses.

These photos are all taken on a tripod and created from 3 exposures each, one properly exposed, one under exposed and one over exposed. This process, known as HDR or High Dynamic Range photography creates images with a range of colors far greater than a digital camera can achieve in one exposure and the dynamic range of the finished image more closely resembles the dynamic range of the human eye.

You can check out the photos from today at my flickr site

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