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Podcast #18 Show Notes

Listener Participation ... Yipee !!!!

This week I had two people send me photos to talk about on the podcast and one person sent me some results from his Kitchen Assignment.

Holly Sisson's photo of her son Noah. The composition is great, the focus on the eyes is amazing.

Here's Holly's picture showing that she cropped it very well using the rule of thirds. I added a little color to the face as I thought it made the photo a little more interesting. However Holly tells me that her photo fairly accuratly refelcts the tone of Noah's face.

Michael McLaughlin sent in this great photo of a young lady at a QuinceaƱera last summer in Parker Arizona. I love the photo and the use of the shallow depth of field to focus your attention on the young lady.

If I was to change anything in this photo I would crop the image a little closer to eliminate some of the forground clutter and take advantage of the rule of thirds.

Below are a few photos sent in by Martin Lorentzson that he took while doing the "kitchen Assignment".

Martin wrote:
"I grabbed my camera from the bookshelf and went into the kitchen... and it was a pretty hard assignment! I had my daughter with me and the only reasonable shot was the first one attached, with me in the background and Alice reaching for the camera. I had set the self-timer and I had a hard time keeping her from the camera!

After she'd gone napping, I had a little more time. I found myself longing for a macro and a tripod, but since I don't own a macro lens and the tripod was not attached to the camera, I shot at ISO1600 and used as much support as possible. It meant that I could not get the angles that I wanted.

Anyway, I enjoyed the podcast and the assignment, though I found it hard since our kitchen is pretty dark and missing interresting motifs ;)"

And finally here is a link to the image gallery for my Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens test.

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Allen, I think your test shots would have shown the difference in depth of field better if you'd focused on something a lot closer to the camera. The further from the camera something is, the less effect your aperture has on it and surrounding objects. Maybe a portrait-style shot at 70mm with several objects behind the subject.

It's fairly clear from the test shots that you did have a cloud pass overhead as you suspected - look at the edges of the shadows on the ground.

Great show Allen - I came across it by accident in iTunes and then tried to remember where I knew the name from - then I realised I have you as one of my Flickr contacts.

Anyway really appreciate the podcast, great content - like having a virtual chat to someone at a camera club. Keep up the good work.

How about a series of images from you new lens whilst not on a tripod to demonstrate the abilities of the Image stabilisation function - that would be very interesting.




OK, I got motivated by Holly and Michael's great pictures and decided to give my kitchen another go. This time I figured I'd take my flash with me and allow myself to arrange things to get a more interresting motif. Also, I decided to do some post-processing as well.

I controlled the background of the orchid with a black box we've got in the kitchen. The flash is bounced against the lid of another box I found. I also saturated the reds and tinted a little to magenta, emphasizing the coloration of this beautiful flower.

The next picture is a small, white bowl with a little olive oil in. I flash is bounced against the roof. The oil is greenish yellow so I applied a monochrome mixer with a blue filter to darken the oil.

You can do a lot with a little light. I used the same 18-70mm lens.


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