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You Have A Mission...

I need a favor from all of you.

If you subscribed to the podcast through the iTunes Store or clicked on the "subscribe" button that used to be on the allenrockwelphoto.com webisite I need you to do me a favor....


1. Open iTunes
2. Right click (or Ctl-Click for Mac users) on the title: "Allen Rockwell Digital Photo Podcast"
3. Select "Delete" from the popup menu
4. Click on "iTunes Store"
5. Click on Podcasts
6. Search for "Allen Rockwell"
7. Find the podcast and click the subscribe button
8. That's it, your're done. The podcast will appear again in iTunes as usual and will update as usual. You'll need to re-"get" the old episodes if you want them.

By doing that you will help me out greatly in my efforts to track susbscribers and downloads. This information will be very helpful to me and might someday result on some sponsorship so I can recover some of the money I've invested in doing this.

Thanks a lot,

Allen Rockwell