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Photos from the Paris Air Show

A few samples of my shots from Monday at the Paris Air Show.

The new Canon EOS 1D Mark III is working GREAT!!!!!

Sample images are HERE

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Allen, what Mark III autofocus settings were you using to take your airshow photos? Servo? 45 Point or selected AF point? Tracking sensitivity, etc. Many thanks!

Hello Allen
When you say the Mark III is working great, does that mean that you did not have any problems what so ever concerning the autofocus in either multi or single shot, static or moving objects?

Hi Allen!

My dealer emailed me this week (when I was on vacation) and my camera is now in! Too bad it HAD to come the week I was out. But he's opening up his shop just to give me my camera. Unless my flight(s) are delayed due to the rain we've been having.

That's great news about the camera. Good luck getting back, the airlines are a real mess for some reason right now. My luggage was lost on Tuesday somewhere between Prague and Rome ... it just arrived in Ontario, CA a few hours ago :(

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