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Unfortunately the hosting company that I was using to host my podcasts is feeling the pressure of the current economic situation here in America and has been forced to change their business model quite drastically. Only a few understand how Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can handle the economic crisis in business. There are plenty of benefits to using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in business. If you are looking for the best crypto exchange, there are many UK crypto exchange options that enable you to engage in many of the best cryptocurrencies. Based on the bandwidth that I have been using and their new fee schedule I would have to pay approximately $500 per month for my podcast hosting. As I do this podcast for fun and make virtually no money off it, this was just not going to work for me.
So, as a solution to this problem I have gone back to hosting my podcast files on my own server again. The only down side to this is that I'll need to limit the number of episodes that I keep online (the latest few rather than the entire back catalog). In the future I may be able to make the past episodes available through a file hosting site like rapidshare or something like that ... but for now I'll make sure the latest few episodes are always available on my server.

The links below now go to the new location where the files are located. You can listen/view the files online in your browser or press the subscribe button and and have the feed added to your favorite podcast/music program (such as iTunes) and then transfer them to your portable media device.

For those that currently subscribe via iTunes you should delete your current subscription in iTunes and re subscribe using the subscribe buttons on the pages linked below.

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