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Travel - Is it for you?

I am a lover of traveling. It does not matter if I'm going 100 miles or half way around the world. The idea of seeing something different and experiencing different cultures is exciting to me.

I've actually met people that say to me "I have no interest in traveling outside the USA" ... frankly I cannot understand this. The USA is my home, I love the USA, I've served my country in the US Military .... but I certainly realize that the USA is a very small part of this rotating blue/green sphere that we call earth and I want to explore more of it. And as a photographer it's even more exciting to discover new places and capture them through the camera.

If you are one of those people that think that traveling outside the USA (or whatever country you live in) does not interest you, have a look at this site or any of the thousands more like it and see if any of the photos cultivate a desire in you to travel and see new things.