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Boinx PhotoMagico Update for Leopard Users

As a FotoMagico 2 user, you might have downloaded FotoMagico 2.1.3 that we released late last friday night with the intent to provide our customers with a version that runs on Leopard as soon as possible.

It turns out that we were a bit too quick to make that release. In the frenzy to get it ready we forgot to turn off an option that lets us test a new file format that is in development. As a consequence, if you create a new slideshow, FotoMagico 2.1.3 tries to save it in the new format which is currently not fully implemented and does not work.

If you have downloaded FotoMagico 2.1.3 please remove it from your computer by dragging the FotoMagico application icon to the Trash.

Then, download FotoMagico 2.1.4 which has this problem fixed from this location:


We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Your FotoMagico Team.