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Photographer Gunned Down In The Street

Today the London Evening Standard published an article about a Japanese photographer being gunned down and killed along with 8 protesters by Burmese troops in the city or Rangoon.

Read the entire article here

The article talks about how he lay on the street dying and still shooting photos. I'm not actually convinced of that part of the story as the position of his camera strap seems to indicate that the photo was snapped as he was falling to the ground.

However .. that is a MINOR point. The killing of unarmed civilians and members of the press is simply barbaric behavior.

These sorts of injustices need to be publicized as much as possible and everywhere possible.
Please pass this story along to anyone that you know.

I love the shot of the Buddhist monks marching in the street. I do not label myself as a Buddhist (labels are not necessary) but I do study Buddhism and I applaud my brothers for marching and showing their courage.