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Apple Screwed Up My Podcast

There are two applications that are important to my podcasts, Garage Band and iWeb.

I use Garage Band to actually make the podcast and then I publish it to my website using iWeb.

Well, this week the '08 versions of iLife and iWork came out, and of course I'm such an Apple fanboy that I bought both of them right away.

Garage Band '08 works great but iWeb completely changed the way they structure websites upon publishing them (meaning the file structure and hierarchy).

So now all my podcast files are located in a different directory on my server than they previously were. As a result iTunes (and probably other readers) think they are all new podcasts and should be downloaded AGAIN.

If your iTunes library now looks like this,

I think the easiest solution is to delete the files you have already downloaded (every other file on the list probably) and let iTunes get the "new" ones.

I'm sure this will be a pain in the backside and it will take some time to get all the "new" podcasts ... but I think it's the easiest solution to avoid having doubles of every episode.

Note: the other option is to delete the podcast entirely from your iTunes library and resubscribe ... but don't forget to resubscribe :)

Subscription links are below:


Sorry about this ... Call Apple if you want to complain :)