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Roof Rack Project - Done

Roof Rack Project - Done, originally uploaded by Allen Rockwell.

I've always wanted a roof rack for my truck that could double as a photography platform (especially for shooting at airshows). I've been shopping around for one for a while and i discovered two things, a good one costs about $1000 and if I bought one I'd have to do some serious modifications to it to suite my needs.

So... Monday I ran out and bought a bunch of metal tube and some hardware and started welding. About $150.00 and about 10 hours of hard labor later and I have exactly what I wanted.

The ladder in the back folds up and out of the way or can be removed with two quick release pins. There are 6 locations in the floor of the platform with threaded fittings where I can screw in a eye bolt for lashing down a tripod. The platform is carpeted and reasonable comfortable.