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Video Podcast #12 Show Notes - Super Clamp and Pocket Wizard

The Bogen Manfrotto BO2910 at B&H;


The Pocket Wizard


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Take a tip, you can't have enough Super Clamps! Another thing you can't have enough of are the various inserts that fit into the socket or screw into the threaded hole. Just go out right now an purchase about $50 worth of these things buying several duplicates because you will lose them.

You can make all kinds of things with them. I have taken two superclamps, connected them butt - to - butt so I could connect one to a monopod and the other to an umbrella. Looks kind of silly but hey, it works!

Thank you for doing equipment segments. I'm new to the photography world and I love learning about these gadgets that can make life easier. I bought a super clamp last year and had no idea what to do with it. It had no other parts with it. I will be ordering this.

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