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Revisiting "Change Your Altitude"

One of my favorite sayings in photography is "change your altitude".

By this I mean get down low and shoot, get up high and shoot, take it a step further and move left and right ... try all the angles.

To demonstrate this idea I did what loads of people do, I grabbed my trusty point-and-shoot camera and went out into my yard and shot a photo of my dog (you might shoot your kid instead).

Here is the standard shot of my dog from a standing position.

(Click to enlarge)

Now, here's a shot of the same dog, in exactly the same place take about 2 seconds later with my camera all the way down at ground level.

(Click to enlarge)

Which image catches your eye more? Which one looks ordinary to you?

I'm betting most of you like the second photo more than the first one ... it's a viewpoint that your brain is not used to seeing so therefore it's a more interesting image. Again, remember these were both taken with the same camera, same lens, same location, same time (within seconds), same subject ... the only variable is the shooters altitude.