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iPhone $200 Price Drop

Today Apple dropped the price on the iPhone by $200

This move has left many thousands of early adopters feeling like they paid a 50% early adopter tax. While it is true that technology gets cheaper over time and often the first adopters of a new technology pay for a good bit of the initial research and marketing for the product, many are left feeling well taken advantage of.

iPhone users are flooding the support forums at http://discussions.apple.com with demands for $200 rebates or Apple Store gift cards (as Apple did when they slashed the price of Aperture).

It's my opinion that this is a slap in the face to all of us Apple fanboys and fangirls that have been proudly showing off our iPhones over the last 2 months to anyone that wants to see them. We adopted the technology early and were charged a $200 premium for doing so.

Shame on you Apple.