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Podcast #36 Digital Workflow

This week I talk about my digital workflow. I am using Apple's Aperture on a MacPro, but most of what I discuss is applicable to other software packages on Macs or Windows.

Podcast can be downloaded at http://feeds.feedburner.com/digitalphotopodcast

Discussed in this episode:
Apple's Aperture
Adobe Lightroom

About this podcast: Tips, Tricks, Techniques for the digital photographer. Learn how to create better digital photographs using your digital camera and digital post-processing software like PhotoShop, Aperture and others. News about the latest cameras and software including reviews of new products for the digital photographer. This podcast is presented in plain English for everyone from the amateur to the working professional.


Hello Allen...just a quick question on backing up the aperture library with chronosync. Is there a trick to this? When i open chronosync and try to navigate to the aperture library file it won't let me select it (it's faded out). My managed library is on my mac hd and i would like to keep it synced to my external hd. Any tips...Thanks.

You cannot point Chronosync directly at the Aperture library, you need to point it to the folder (or volume) that the library file is on. If your Aperture library is not in a folder I'd make a folder called Aperture and put it in there, then you are telling Chronosync to keep that folder synced.

Also make sure click on the options button and check the box that says "Disect Packages".

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