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Podcast #35 Show Notes

Photographer etiquette

The email from Nils:

Allen, here's another thought for a podcast topic - photographer etiquette. Last week on vacation I ventured out around sunset to photograph a landscape from a particular spot. While somewhat remote, the view has been reproduced often on postcards, etc., so I wasn't surprised to see 2 photographers already there with tripods set up. As "the spot" was in ankle-deep water in a narrow stream, space was limited (but available). I nodded a hello to the other photographers but got no response, and got the impression (perhaps mistakenly, admittedly) that a third tripod was not welcome. What's your view on the etiquette here? Should I have asked to share the space, or in a situation like this do the photographers already there have a claim to the space?

I had another situation the next day where a pro photographer entered "my" space to position a young couple within my field of view. In this case I was able to move but was somewhat annoyed at not being asked. Regardless of that, is it expected that an amateur should make way for a pro in such a situation?

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"Starting A Photo Business" Segment

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