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Podcast #20 Show Notes

Here is the setup for the product photography shoot:
(Click image to see larger version)

This is a good example that demonstrates the depth of field as it relates to f/stop settings
(Click image to see larger version)

Here are a few samples of the results of the product photo shoot
(Click images to see larger versions)

For more info on photographer's rights check out my podcast titled "RAW, Photographer’s Rights, News" that I posted on Wed, 25 Oct 2006 at http://feeds.feedburner.com/digitalphotopodcast

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Very cool shots, very crisp and the details are stunning. I really enjoy your podcast so keep up the good work.

I almost forgot, the trivia question answer.....

Okay you wanted to know why the Death Star had a trash compactor and a snake. Well there was this space trader by the name of Cyrano Jones who could get anyone to buy anything and he sold those items to the captain of the Death Star.

Now you might be saying who in the heck is Cyrano Jones, well as it happens he is more famous for selling Tribbles on Deep Space Station K-7 but that is another story for another galaxy far far away!!!!!

Perhaps the snake is Darth Vader's pet and it eat's trash.

You wouldn't have an incinerator on a space vessel - air is rather precious.

The snake thing? Um, that can't really be rationally explained. Perhaps the justification is that it eats metal. I seriously doubt Lucas put much thought into this scene.

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