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Forgot Something

On podcast #19 during the Ballroom Dancing segment I forgot to mention something...

I often forget that lots of people are shooting with point-and-shoot cameras and I forget to address those issues when talking about techniques.

If you are shooting with a point-and-shoot and are indoors with low light, bringing a fast lens is not an option. So what you can do on many point-and-shoot cameras is set the ISO rating up a bit (like
400 maybe as a starting point) and many point-and-shoots will also allow you to set your camera in Aperture Priority mode ... if that's the case with your camera set it to the most wide open apertuer that you can (smallest aperture number).

Another technique I failed to mention that applies to all types of cameras is panning while shooting. Try to pan with your subject and you might just get a very cool shot with lots of blured background and a real feeling of action.