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Shame on you Canon...

I had a strange experience at this booth today with a person behind the counter representing the company .

I am a HUGE Canon fan-boy, I have about $10,000 in Canon equipment, I write about my equipment on my blog, I talk about it on my podcast and I recommend Canon equipment to anyone that asks me. I was standing at the counter with two Canon bodies strapped to my body, two L series lenses (One white IS L lens) and Speedlite 580EXs ... So it was pretty obvious that I was a serious Canon geek.

.... Anyways, I asked the woman a question that I thought was a very well thought out question and something that many people would like to hear the answer to. I asked "When can we expect a Canon camera with a full frame sensor that is capable or 5 frames per second or more?".

The lady gave me a series of smart-ass answers such as "why not ask me why is the sky blue"* or "just ask me why grass is green"* and then went on to explain that she had no idea when I could expect such a camera and "if I knew I would not tell you".

I love Canon equipment ... but I must say that I have never been treated worse by a company representative in my life.

I still recommend their products, I do not recommend trying to get any real information from the zombies they send to the trade shows.

Shame on you Canon.

* Those are not exact quotes, they are the type of responses I got from her. I wish I would have had my voice recorder running so I could get the exact quote ... I was so broadsided by her rude response that I do not remember exactly what she said.