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January 21, 2007

Podcast #14 Show Notes

Links to sites and products mentioned in this podcast

O'Reilly's Inside Aperture Blog

Epson Stylus Photo R1800

The digital Photography Podcast with Scott and Michael

Canon S3IS Digital Point-And-Shoot

Scott Kelby's Website

Rick Sammon's Website

Bogen Tripods ... Great tripods at a reasonable price

The Pocket Wizards that I ordered today

January 11, 2007

Shame on you Canon...

I had a strange experience at this booth today with a person behind the counter representing the company .

I am a HUGE Canon fan-boy, I have about $10,000 in Canon equipment, I write about my equipment on my blog, I talk about it on my podcast and I recommend Canon equipment to anyone that asks me. I was standing at the counter with two Canon bodies strapped to my body, two L series lenses (One white IS L lens) and Speedlite 580EXs ... So it was pretty obvious that I was a serious Canon geek.

.... Anyways, I asked the woman a question that I thought was a very well thought out question and something that many people would like to hear the answer to. I asked "When can we expect a Canon camera with a full frame sensor that is capable or 5 frames per second or more?".

The lady gave me a series of smart-ass answers such as "why not ask me why is the sky blue"* or "just ask me why grass is green"* and then went on to explain that she had no idea when I could expect such a camera and "if I knew I would not tell you".

I love Canon equipment ... but I must say that I have never been treated worse by a company representative in my life.

I still recommend their products, I do not recommend trying to get any real information from the zombies they send to the trade shows.

Shame on you Canon.

* Those are not exact quotes, they are the type of responses I got from her. I wish I would have had my voice recorder running so I could get the exact quote ... I was so broadsided by her rude response that I do not remember exactly what she said.

MacWorld Expo 2007

Today I spent several hours in the halls of the Moscone Center taking photos, collecting literature and recording interviews. I will be doing the same tomorrow as well as a trip to the San Francisco Apple store.

Stay tuned for lots of blog entries and podcast episodes with news from the show.

Meanwhile you can find some photos from the show and my trip on my flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/allenrockwell

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January 09, 2007

It's here ... Kinda

Available this June...

The Apple iPhone


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January 01, 2007

Podcast #12 Show Notes

Using the rule of thirds and techniques for getting yourself to compose using the rule. Also new on upcoming events relating to photography.

Links to sites mentioned in this week's podcast:

Mac World Expo

The Digital Lifestyle Experience at MacWorld

PMA Show, Las Vegas

The Rule Of thirds on Wikipedia

The Rule Of thirds on BetterPhoto.com

The Rule Of Thirds

The "tape on the camera" trick

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