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October 31, 2006

Podcast #4 Show Notes

podcaster_50.jpgHere are the websites mentioned in tonight's podcast:

The Digital Photography Show: www.thedigitalphotographyshow.com
Tips From the Top Floor: www.tipsfromthetopfloor.com
O'Reilly Digital Media Blog: www.oreillynet.com/digitalmedia/blog/
The Digital Stroy: www.thedigitalstory.com/blog/
Scott Bourne's Bourne Media Group: www.bournemediagroup.com/

Podcasts: (search on iTunes)
Tips from the Top Floor (Chris Marquardt)
iLifeZone (Scott Bourne and Derrick Story)
Inside Mac (Scott Sheppard, Brad Wright and Deana Orlando)
KFI Tech Guy (Leo La Porte)
Lightsource Studio Photography
MacBreakWeekly (Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Alex Lindsay, and Scott Bourne)
The Digital Story (Derrick Story)
This Week In Tech (TWIT)
The Digital Photography Show (Scott Sherman and Michael Stien)

October 27, 2006

Why Shoot RAW

A lot of people are shooting in the RAW fromat, but a lot of people are still asking why they should.  I shoot almost exclusively in RAW and recently I was shooting in what Derrick Story calls "Stupid Mode", not paying any attention to my camer's settings and RAW saved me.

I think this shot really demonstrates the power of shooting in the RAW format.
Shooting in RAW does not mean that you go out and take pictures in the nude!  RAW is an image format that most all digital SLR cameras and even some newer point-and-shoot camera support.  The raw format captures and saves every piece of information that the image sensor sees, it does no in-camera post processing and does not compress the image.  A RAW file is exactly what the sensor "saw" when you pressed the shutter button.
I snapped the photo above on my way out of a water polo tournament I was shooting and I still had my camera set to shutter priority and a shutter speed of 1/640th to stop the action in the water... combine that with a slow telephoto lens (f/5) and the very dark shade this guy was laying in and you end up with an exposure that looks almost black (straight out of the camera) ... a little adjusment of the exposure slider in Apple Aperture (or Adobe Camera Raw) and a "reject" photo is saved and turned into what I think is a really great shot tha captures an exhausted player napping on the grass.
You can try all day to do that with a JPG file and you might, in the end get results that are better than nothing, but you'll never get the results that you would have if you had shot RAW.
Like they say ... if the shot is important, Shoot RAW!

Until next time,

Keep shooting

Allen Rockwell

Allen Rockwell Photography

October 25, 2006

Podcast #3 Show Notes

In show number three I mentioned several websites so I thought I’d post the links to those websites here.

Popular Photography article “The War On Photographers

Bert P. Krages “Photographer’s Right

The Legal Handbook for Photographers on Amazon

O’Reilly’s Digital Media Blog

October 22, 2006

ISA World Surfing Games

For the last week I’ve been making trips down to Huntington Beach to shoot pictures of the ISA World Surfing Games. Yesterday was last day attending the games, although today is actually the final day of the competition.

Over the week I shot about 18GB of RAW photos so I’ll be processing them for quite a while.

I’ve started posting some of the shots from the games at my flickr page

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October 08, 2006

Podcast #2 Show Notes

In show number three I mentioned a few websites so I thought I’d post the links to those websites here.

Apple Aperture

Export Plugins for Aperture

Aperture to flickr export plugin


Google Earth

October 01, 2006

Big Morongo Nature Preserve

I went down the street to the nature preserve today and shot some pretty nice photos.

The nature preserve is a pretty amazing place considering that it’s located in the desert. I guess you could say something of an oasis, and it’s only a few hundred yards from my house.

Click here to see the photos from today on flickr

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