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December 28, 2006


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These are the router jigs I made for cutting the sub-roadbed pieces.

Here are the sub-roadbed pieces being trimmed on the router table.

Here are a few of the larger loops being glued up at my shop. The 1/4" thick pieces are glued up in two layers for a total thickness of 1/2" and are overlapped half way in sort of the same way bricks are layed.

Here are some of the sub-raodbed pieces being installed on the benchwork.

December 27, 2006

All Benchwork Installed

All the benchwork is installed and I put up some shelfs to store crap on.

Benchwork Construction

Today I built the last of the tree benchwork pieces. Now that I'm home it's off to the workshop to do a bunch of cleaning up and reorganizing before I install the third piece of benchwork.

December 26, 2006

Benchwork Construction

Today I built two of the three main components for the benchwork. I built them at my shop and then took them home.

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Here are the parts from today installed in my workshop at home. I have a lot of cleaning up and organizing to do. I want the whole corner to be empty except for model train stuff.

Designing Benchwork

Last night I started designing the benchwork for the new N Scale layout. Here is a screen cap showing the design so far.

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