December 19, 2006

Mac Memory For Half Price

MacProMemory.jpgAttention Mac Owners. If you need memory for your computer I urge you to check out MCE Technologies at

When I ordered my MacPro I ordered it with 2GB of RAM thinking I'd give it a try that way and then buy more RAM later if I needed more. As it turns out I usually have LOTS of programs running at once, including Parallels runing Windows XP or Vista and 2 GB of RAM was just not cutting it for me.

So I did some shopping and found that Apple would sell me 2GB (2 x 1GB) for $700.00. MCE technologies has the same memory kit for $349.00.

I have to mention here that Apple does not reccomend using memory other than "Apple memory" in the MacPro becasue of the special heat sinks on the chips. Of course you might expect them to take that position since they sell $700.00 RAM. The MCE Technologies DOES have the heat sinks and should work perfectly and is "Guaranteed 100% Compatible" and covered by a "Lifetime Warranty" by MCE Technologies.