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The old tape trick...

tapetrick.jpgIf you have a Canon 1.4x Tele Extender and you find that the autofocus on your lens does not work anymore, here's a trick to fix it.

It is simple. Just place a small transparent piece of tape (or just about any tape... I used blue masking tape) on the last 3 pins of the converter. The tape should be placed on the left hand side of the converter when looking at it from the lens connection side. With these three left pins covered, the converter continues to operate with the AF activated. It works great with the Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS.

Keep in mind that your lens will not focus as quickly as you are used to, but it will autofocus. Also when you download your images to your computer you will notice that the metadata for the image will only report the max focal length of the lens, not the focal length x 1.4

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