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Cool Photoshop CS3 Feature

I've been playing around with Photoshop CS3 and I'm very impressed with the speed that I'm getting on my Intel based Macintosh computers compared to CS2 .... but other than the speed I have not been blown away by any new features.

... Until today.

Today I started playing around with a new feature called "Zoomify", it's located on the File menu under the Export item.

Zoomify is a handy feature to use if you want to show someone a very large image online but you do not want them to have to wait forever for it to download. Zoomify creates small thumbnail versions of areas of an image that you can use to view and navigate around the image ... then when you zoom in it loads the segment of the image you are looking at in high resolution. Pretty cool. It works a little like Google Maps, where you see low res images till you zoom in and then things sharpen up.

Click here to try out viewing a Zoomified image

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Thanks..great tipp

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