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June 02, 2006

Photo Tips

Photography Tips – Things to remember when on location.

The first three are acronyms that make it easy to remember the tips when you are out in the field.

Subject – What is the subject
Attention – Draw attention to the subject, Get closer, Position the subject
Simplify – Simplify the shot, Exclude distracting elements or elements that do not add anything to the shot

Entire – Shoot the entire scene, get it all
Details – Shoot the detail shots
Focal Length – Try different lenses and move in and move out
Angle – Try different angles … high, low, left, right, behind, above, below…
Time – Morning, afternoon, dusk, sunrise. Also different shutter speeds

Look Up
Look Down
Look All Around … the shot may not be right in front of you!

Personal rule #1: Never go anywhere without my camera. I keep both DSLRs, all lenses and tripod in my truck at all times, I keep my Canon S3 IS point and shoot in my "man bag" (no, damn it, it's not a purse) at all times.
Personal rule #2: Take at least 10 photos every day. This almost always turns into hundreds of photos ... You can't just take 10.
Personal rule #3: Get closer!

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