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This Just In - Exclusive Report

An active duty US Army soldier was confronted my military police at Hunter Army Airfield at Fort Stewart Georgia for taking photos of a KC-130 aircraft performing touch and gos. The soldier was told that he would be charged with a felony and images were deleted from his camera.

Details are still being forward to me at this time and I will update this story when the facts are in.

So far the facts that have been reported to me are these:

1. The photographer is an active duty US Army soldier who has served in Afghanistan

2. While detained, the military police told the service member that he would be charged with a felony. To my knowledge he has not been charged with anything yet.

3. The aircraft being photographed was a KC-130, a 4 engine propeller driven transport plane designed in the 1950's and used to refuel other other aircraft (nothing secret, stealth or high-tech about it)

4. Two photos of the KC-130 were deleted from his camera

5. The military police searched the soldier's facebook and flickr page for aircraft photos and said that he "must be doing this illegally"

6. The military police informed the soldier that he is no longer allowed to take photographs at Hunter Army Airfield or Savanna Hilton Head International Airport.

7. The soldier was told that it is "illegal to take photos of a runway"

One thing that must be kept in mind regarding this case is that rules, regulations, rights and freedoms for active duty service members on military property can be very different than they are for us civilians. But even considering that fact, it seems that this soldier may have had his rights violated by MPs that are making up the rules as they go along. We will see.

More details to come as they are forwarded to me.